Medical-legal services:

We do produce expert reports for the Courts: any members of the legal profession who might consider instructing one of us may find it helpful to contact Anne Duckworth to ask for the appropriate CV.

We prefer not to report on our own patients because there is an inherent conflict between a doctor's duty of care to his patient and an expert's duty to provide the Court with impartial evidence.

For the same reason we prefer not to treat the subjects of our reports, at least until litigation is settled.

The majority of our experience in producing medical-legal reports is in the area of chronic pain following injury. In these cases the claimant will often have had a number of medical consultations and treatments; there are usually several other experts' reports to consider. Working through all of this material in a thorough manner can be very time-consuming and therefore expensive.

It does save our time, and therefore reduce the cost of the final report, if the written material is:

  1. divided logically;

  2. in chronological order;

  3. devoid of duplicated documents;

  4. presented as paper documents, rather than as a sequence of scanned images on a computer disc.

We are always pleased to provide quotations for treatment, or for courses of treatment, which are to be funded by legal action. It can be difficult to know exactly what treatments will be required because pain treatment is essentially an empiric process of trial and error. The fees that we charge for such work are exactly the same as for self-funding and for insured patients and may be found here. We do prefer the actual referral for treatment to be made by another medial practitioner and we always write to our patients' G.P.s after each outpatient visit or treatment episode.

Terms & Conditions for the preparation of expert reports and related work: as of August 2017

1) Reports: £375 per hour of our time.


2) Conference with Counsel: £375 for conference lasting up to one hour, plus £94 for every additional 15 minutes.


3) Discussions between experts: £375 for discussions lasting up to one hour, plus £94 for every additional 15 minutes.


4) Court Attendance: £1,150 per half-day.


5) Travelling: all expenses relating to travel and subsistence, plus £125 per hour (or part hour) spent in travel.


6) Home Visits: the cost is determined according to the scale described above, plus the cost of hiring a chaperone at £100 per hour. The chaperone’s time will include his or her time spent travelling.


7) Cancellations: if a Court appearance is cancelled or rescheduled we will levy a fee according to the following scale:


Seven weeks of notice:              no charge.

Three to six weeks of notice:     £450 per half day.

Two to  three weeks of notice:  £550 per half day.

One to two weeks of notice:      £800 per half day.

Less than seven days of notice: £995 per half day.


8) Settlement: unless subject to prior agreement, all invoices are to be settled within 60 days. Late payment will result in penalty charges of 5% per calendar month, compounded.

We shall be grateful if instructing parties would confirm their acceptance of these terms in writing and we will not accept instructions which materially alter the terms and conditions set out above.

To arrange a consultation for the purpose of a medical-legal report please contact us care of Fulwood Hall Hospital. Useful e-mail addresses appear below. Anne Duckworth provides us with day-to-day secretarial support and handles billing for the partnership. Sue Trundle transcribes, prints and distributes our reports.