Urgent Conditions

In the UK, each NHS pain clinic will have its own policies concerning what is deemed to be a clinically urgent condition. This advice applies only to Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (Royal Preson and Chorley District General Hospitals) however, as far as we can tell, most of our colleagues up and down the kingdom subscribe to the same point of view.

Occasionally we are asked to see patients with these conditions privately. We are more than happy to do this but do please be aware that the NHS clinic will see you quickly if you have:

Cancer Pain;

Post herpetic neuralgia (pain after shingles);

Trigeminal neuralgia;

Pain in pregnancy;

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

The NHS also tries to give priority to veterans of HM Armed Forces.

If your doctor thinks that you fall in to one of these categories then please remind him that the NHS pain clinic will see you urgently.

Our advice is that if your aim is to be seen and treated on the NHS, you should ask for referral to an NHS clinic
and not to Preston Pain Management Partnership.